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FFRF – Denver chapter writes to Colorado Public Schools

This weekend the Freedom From Religion Foundation – Denver chapter met to mail letters to Colorado school district superintendents and State Board of Education members. The letters educate school district staff about common church-state violations and how to prevent them.

Each year the national office of the Freedom From Religion Foundation addresses thousands of state-church violations around the nation, more than half of which involve public schools. FFRF attorneys have written to Colorado school districts about such violations in the past two school years.

Most recently, The Todd Becker Foundation, a Christian ministry, was scheduled to appear at a Burlington Middle School assembly on Nov. 28, 2018. FFRF sent letters to the Burlington School District and several area school districts that were scheduled to attend the event, warning them that it will involve members of the Todd Becker Foundation reading from the bible and praying with students, which is a violation of the Establishment Clause.

We sent the letters with an accompanying pamphlet “Top 10 Public School State/Church Violations” to help educate district staff on how to protect students’ rights of conscience.

The FFRF Metro Denver Chapter is available to answer any questions and assist in providing attorneys from our national office.

Read the letter here.

Report a State/Church violation here.